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Memory Book - Program 1: Graduation Ball (Mar 2 – 4, 2012)

Playbill   Music Clip

Graduation Ball (Company Revival)
Choreography: David Lichine
Music: Johann Strauss II (various pieces) Arranged by Antal Dorati

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All photos are by Robert Shomler.
The cadets and ladies meet in the ballroom.
The Headmistress gathers the young ladies. Junior Pigtail Girl, Karen Gabay, inspects the troops.
The Drummer, Maykel Solas, performs his solo. Karen Gabay performs a Danse Impromptu.
Tiffany Glenn performs a Scottish Dance. A pas de duex is performed by Ramon Moreno and Junna Ige.
A dance competition begins between Jing Zhang... and Amy Marie Briones.
The General, Raymond Rodriguez, and the Headmistress, Maximo Califano, perform a Mazurka Coquette.
The evening has been a great success!
"Graduation Ball is a crowd pleasing, light-hearted comic ballet. At a Viennese finishing school, cadets from nearby military academy join the young girls for their annual ball. The Headmistress of the finishing school (danced en travesty by Maximo Califano) and the crusty old General of the academy (Raymond Rodriguez) are hilarious together especially in their 'Mazurka Coquette.' Karen Gabay is utterly adorable as the impish 'Pigtail Girl' and Akira Takahashi and Tiffany Glenn are outstanding as smitten lovebirds."
Paul Myvold, Out and About

"The company rose admirably to Graduation's challenges. [Maykel] Solas delivered an intricate solo on his feet and a toy drum; Tiffany Glenn -- in the role of the busybody Mistress of Ceremonies -- performed pristine hops on point in her Scottish dance. Star turns were given by veterans: Rodriguez' brilliantly bumbling, lame and horny general partnering stiff-necked headmistress [Maximo] Califano, and Karen Gabay dancing as a pig-tailed, troublemaking Pippi Longstocking of the finer set."
Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News

"Karen Gabay, in springy pigtails, had a perky solo turn. [Amy Marie] Briones and Jing [Zhang] got into an "American Idol"-style spin-off of fouettes. Rodriguez, who staged the piece, did double duty with an inspired comic turn as a bandy-legged general in a bumper-car pas de deux with the adroitly lumbering Maximo Califano in a travesty role."
Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle