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Memory Book - Program 1: Interplay (Mar 2 – 4, 2012)

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Interplay is a ballet in four movements made for eight dancers; four boys and four girls.
Raucous and playful, Interplay preceded Robbin's groundbreaking choreography for West Side Story
and is considered an American masterpiece.

Interplay (Company Premiere)
Choreography: Jerome Robbins
Music: Morton Gould (American Concertette)

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All photos are by Robert Shomler.
Jing Zhang, Jeremy Kovitch, Amy Marie Briones, Maykel Solas, Seth Parker, Mirai Noda, Akira Takahashi and Lahna Vanderbush
Seth Parker Jeremy Kovitch and Jing Zhang
Solas, Noda, Vanderbush and Takahashi Solas, Parker, Briones and Noda
Briones, Takahashi, Zhang and Solas Parker, Noda, Kovitch, Vanderbush
"Set to a jazzy piano and orchestra score by Morton Gould, Interplay serves up four movements of buoyant goofing off. The four men and four women, who have far too much fun to pair off for very long as couples, looked larky in costume designer Farrah Southam's Crayola box colors. The vibrancy ran through the dancing like a steady current, whether the pals were tracing curlicue line games, springing into cartwheels, playing leapfrog or jitterbugging in the dark. Hips waggled. The men sauntered. The women teased them, then joined right in.

A beaming Seth Parker set the tempo early in 'Free Play.' Jing Zhang and Jeremy Kovitch were at once self-effacing and lightly sultry in their ‘By Play.' The concluding ‘Team Play' was a force of exhilarating, collective momentum. Robbin's choreography can get a little repetitive, especially early on, but the dancers' ingenuous charm and infectious high spirits freshened every move."
Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle

"Jerome Robbins' 1945 Interplay…is an astounding piece of moving architecture and rarely has intricacy looked so easy. Designed for four couples, Interplay kneads jazzy inflections into classical and contemporary steps for an ever-changing set of abstractions. Yet the physical games, flirtations, teasing and jaunty competitions suggested a high school playground during more innocent times. They infused Robbins' rigor with a pulsating sense of life in which a girl (Jing Zhang) could pick her own partner (an awe-shucks Jeremy Kovitch) for the pas de deux. The dancers for the piece -- which also included [Amy Marie] Briones, [Maykel] Solas, Mirai Noda, Lahna Vanderbush, Seth Parker and Akira Takahashi -- gave Interplay a fine ensemble performance."
Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News