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Memory Book - Program 2: Program of Premieres (April 13 -15, 2012)

Playbill   Music from the show.

Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1
Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 is a "plotless" tutu ballet in the classical mode,
but highly experimental in it use of classical technique to comment on
ballet conventions from a contemporary perspective. It is filled with perfectly timed
canons and complex, stage-crossing patterns.

Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 (Company Premiere)
Choreography: Clark Tippet
Music: Max Bruch; Concerto No. 1 in G minor for violin, Opus 26

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All photos are by Robert Shomler.
Full Cast
Red: Amy Marie Briones and Maximo Califano Pink: Mirai Noda and Ramon Moreno
Blue: Jeremy Kovitch and Alexsandra Meijer. Photo by Chris Hardy Aqua: Maykel Solas and Junna Ige
Bruch Violin Concerto 2012

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Clark Tippet's Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1 … A balletomane's feast…it delights in exploring and celebrating two of the ballet art's main attractions: the pas de deux and the dancer's ability to defy gravity."

"Tippet shapes the sixteen corps member into couples, who blow across the stage like a spring breeze, frame the soloists in memorable tableaus and propel the women like rockets into the stratosphere. You just can't help but smile at all those flying limbs and fluttering tutus. For the excellent solo couples, Tippet supplies an extra treat: lifts the likes of which you are not likely to see anywhere else. Maykel Solas, Maximo Califano, Jeremy Kovitch and [Ramon] Moreno did the work while Junna Ige, Amy Marie Briones, Alexandra Meijer and Mirai Noda soared and smiled."
Rita Felciano, San Jose Mercury News

"Ballet San Jose dancers…suited the moods: Amy Marie Briones and Maximo Califano in the role of the fiery Red Couple, Junna Ige and Maykel Solas as the cool Aqua Couple, Alexsandra Meijer and Jeremy Kovitch in the role of the gentle and elegant Blue Couple, and Mirai Noda and Ramon Moreno as the perky Pink Couple. The whole cast joined in a vibrant finale. The evening's performance was another example of the success of the new direction taken by the new leadership of Ballet San Jose, bring ballets new to the company that bring a refreshing new face and vitality."
Michael Phelan,

"…the dancers had many opportunities to exert stunning lifts out of Cirque de Soleil for athletic prowess and gymnastic invention. The sheer muscularity of principals Maximo Califano, Jeremy Kovitch, Maykel Solas, and Ramon Moreno supplied a granite foundation for the females—Amy Marie Briones, Mirai Noda, Junna Ige, and Alexandra Meijer—to use for airborne pyrotechnics of their own.
Gary A. Lemco, The Classical Music Guide

"[Alexsandra] Meijer found a nuanced approach to the central blue pas de deux with the capable Jeremy Kovitch, while Mirai Noda and [Ramon] Moreno as the duo in pink tossed off bravura jumps with an infectious enjoyment that gave a lift to the whole evening."
Mary Ellen Hunt, San Francisco Chronicle